Week 2 Update Lakeshore, MS

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October 29, 2012 by directorfsm

Week 2 of my trip to Lakeshore has been notable for a variety of reasons.

First I finally finished mowing and weed whackingJJJ!!! Along the way I managed to hit a few red ant nests. I have the marks on my legs from them along with some chigger bites.

During the week the bunkhouse was cleaned including the dining area underneath in preparation for the weekends Men’s Summit. The summit was a great success even though do to last minute scheduling conflicts about half could not make it. Those that did had a great time and many new and lasting friends were made. The weather turn colder (fire pit got lots of use) on Saturday and the activities were somewhat curtailed but the evening hog roast, crab and shrimp boil was oh so good.

Pastor Don and I made one visit to a church member this past week and just today had the opportunity to help out a couple (Keith and Judy) in the community. One of the toilets in their home was no longer functioning but the water line would not reach a new style commode. With my extensive knowledge of plumbing (it’s OK I am laughing as I wrote that) we were able to get the proper fittings including a new shut off valve and replace their toilet in about an hour.  Along the way we got to share some of the Good News and Keith agreed to come to Men’s group this Thursday night.

The rest of the week was spent doing odd repairs and maintenance to areas around the camp. Much more is needed and this week I will concentrate on the decking between the Quonset huts.

I also found a potential home for Naida and I once ours sells. It needs some work but would be a good investment as it is nearby the church.

Next Sunday I will be at First Baptist Church Clinton, LA visiting with Bro Mitch, Dr. Malone and the brethren there.

Please keep the following in prayer;

1)     Keith and Judy for salvation

2)     Safety for all those being effected by Sandy

3)     For our home in MA to sell

4)     More opportunities to be a witness in the community here

5)     My time here will not be in vain and God will be glorified in all of it

In HIS Service


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