More prayer requests


August 6, 2012 by directorfsm

Please pray for Dan and Amy Tabb missionaries to Ireland as they look for a building to expand the work.

Please continue to pray for our friends at Well of Hope Academy in Uganda, now on top of all their financial needs there is an outbreak of Ebola in the country.

Please pray for Naida’s dad, Artimio, he is back in the hospital, he is 81 with many health issues

Please continue to pray for Stephen “Fuzzy Brown, as he recovers from a heart attach and for the family of his good friend Art Glenn who died last week while driving his big rig in Missouri.

Continue prayers for Shelia Walsh, Helen Speer, Rich Brown and other friends of this ministry who are recovering from serious health issues.

Please pray for the ARBCA missions commity that is meeting in Atlanta this week. they must decide whether or not to sponsor missionaries to Arabia and Ireland. Also please keep these families who have applied for the mission field in prayer.

One thought on “More prayer requests

  1. sydon kalua says:

    we will pray for them. and we would be happy if we can be partners with you to share the words of God. our organization called lotsha malawi.

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