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July 3, 2012 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

Jul1st – 14th 2012

 Our President, and legislature, the courts

Christians to not be ashamed and get busy doing God’s work

God’s continuing providence for America as we are in a period of moral and ethical decay that is unprecedented in modern times

Pray for our Armed Forces everywhere

Our youth that they walk in the light of the Lord

Salvation for lost family, friends and those who oppose us

Please pray for Tony D. who was recently told his appeal failed. Pray he will continue to lean upon the Lord and not falter.

Pray for all those unjustly being held around the world.

Requests from Friends of the Ministry

Please pray for Rich Brown, Ben Livingston Sr., Helen Speer, Shelia Walsh and others in our local church dealing with serious medical issues.

Please pray for SSgt Forgie and family who are stationed at Fort Campbell KY. He was scheduled to move to AL, but after clearing housing his orders were cancelled so they are living in limbo.

Please pray for Bob and Mark friends of co-workers in our church friends who are dealing with cancer again.

Please continue to keep Laszlo P in prayer as he battles cancer.

Please continue to keep folks at Lakeshore Baptist Church and the effort in prayer.

Please pray for Robert O. a gentleman we met a few weeks ago in Lakeshore MS. He is attending church there and dealing with many issues. Pray for his conversion.

Please keep Katarina a 12 yr old girl in prayer who has serious health issues


Praise God two women from our local church have inquired about serving as the WO director. Please pray for them as we discuss the responsibilities of being Director of FSMWO;

for finances to keep the ministry going

for us to hear more from inmates and ex-mates.

Please pray for Naida and I as we continue to pursue moving to MS as domestic missionaries. We spent a wonderful week in Lakeshore and are more convinced than ever that this is what God wants for us. The obsticles (selling our home, finding a home and financial support) still remain but nothing is to great for our God.

From our ARBCA Friends

Please pray for the Stern and Imatti families as they work towards going into the mission fields of Qatar and Ireland respectively.

From Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jesup, Georgia

The men have just begun working through Disciples of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes.  We have had at least one young man outside the church family attending fairly regular.  Also, one young man of our congregation has spoken of how he has been convicted by the study.  Please pray that the Lord will use and bless these studies in both evangelism and edification.

Pastor Waters continues to meet with several ministers on a regular basis for study and prayer.  Most of the men are pastors in area Southern Baptist churches.  Currently this group is working their way through Feed My Sheep.  One of the churches, Tibet Baptist, under the leadership of their pastor, Paul Weldon, has been in the process of reforming and is working through the 1689 Baptist Confession.  We are planning to have a joint meeting on the 5th Sunday night in July at EBC with Tibet.  Please pray for Tibet as they continue their reformation and EBC as we seek to be an encouragement and source of influence.

One of the largest church groups in Wayne County is the Church of God.  For some time I have been considering a series of articles on the Perseverance of the Saints which will directly challenge their belief system.  Would you pray that the Lord would guide me to write such articles and use them for His glory.

As you pray for EBC, please ask the Lord to grow us numerically.  We do not seek numbers just to be large, but we seek for the lost to be saved, saints to be edified and an increasing ministry in our area.  In general our congregation is aging.  Most are dedicated, devoted and dependable.  I am thankful for them and count it an honor to serve as an elder among them.  However, we need (so it seems to us) some young dedicated, devoted and dependable disciples too.

On Behalf of the Elders and Members of Emmanuel Baptist Church,

Thomas Waters

From Grace Baptist Church in Van, Texas

Grace Baptist is doing well, with several trials and tests along the way.

We have had some promising visitors, some from having moved to our area from another reformed congregation, and some from connections to families.  Pray for God’s will in ministering the gospel as needs be.

We also have had some serious sicknesses in our midst.  Sister Helen Spear (Pastor Ron Baines’ mom) had been in our congregation until a severe sickness caused her to move back to be with her family in Maine.  She had been a great blessing for some 6 or so years and had become very dear to our hearts.  We’ll miss her, but still we communicate with her regularly.  A man in our church by the name of Van became very sick and was hospitalized, where he found out he had cirrhosis of the liver and needs a transplant.  He is out of the hospital now, but there are rough days ahead for him and his wife Terri.  Pray for strength for them.

In Sunday school, we have been going through Pilgrim’s Progress, and many are receiving great blessings from this wonderful book.  Pray for God’s blessing in applying these truths found here to our lives.

On Sunday mornings, Pastor Cliff has just started a series going through the gospel of Luke.  Pray for strength and wisdom in expositing this blessed work for our people.

We have had a man nominated to be an elder with myself and pray for God’s will as we move forward in the process of seeing if this is God’s will at this time for us.  May God bring it to pass!

In Christ Jesus our Lord,

Pastor Cliff Cooper
Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda

 Please pray that we can have the funds to buy fire extinguishers and to fix a fire alarm system and fix burglar proof in windows and doors .The government has warned to close schools that don’t have these safety measures in place. We have estimated it can cost us USD 2130 to fix this safety measures .We fear our school to be closed.

You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, click on

Francis Ssuubi

The Robinson’s Missionaries to Bluegrass folks across the US

We do have a few prayer needs to report. Our friend Keith Westcott was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for Keith, his wife Sheila and children Jason and Katie. Candi Sawyer’s father Lonnie is nearing the end of his life. We were so happy he was able to be at Jenny Brook. Please pray for Seth and Candi and their boys Adam and Mathew as well as Brenda, Candi’s Mom as they all prepare for Lonnie’s passing. The Sawyer family has had in our opinion more than their share of trials and hard times with health and other issues and we are sure they would appreciate your prayers.

We heard Alice Waters was moved back to the rehab. If you would like to send her a card, please send it to Alice Waters, c/o

Al and Maggie Pajak (Alice Waters)

92 Bean Road Unit 1

Fremont, NH 03044

Lastly, there are a couple of very serious family issues with both a family from Maine and one from New York. The Lord knows what and who they are and we would ask the prayer warriors on this list to please lift these families up to God.

We have a couple of weeks off the bluegrass circuit and hope to get caught up with family functions including taking our four grandchildren camping before heading back to Vermont and the Brandon Festival.

Friends of Jesus,

Mike & Mary Robinson

Springfield Rescue Mission

 Dear Mission Friend,

Even though the sun shines longer in summer, dark days persist for folks who are hungry in the Springfield area. Your gift of 10 meals for just $19.20 can change that! Meals served at the Springfield Rescue Mission give hungry people food they need but once they are here, they experience life-transforming hope!

Our programs and services give hungry, homeless, addicted and poor people the ability to change.  Just one meal inspires hope, and it’s really true that hope changes everything!

So, if you’re getting ready to go on vacation, we hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the sunshine! But before you leave, please take a moment to help make this a summer of hope for people in need.  Donate Now!


Ron Willoughby

Executive Director/CEO

19 Bliss Street, P.O. Box 9045

Springfield, Massachusetts 01102-9045

 Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

 for life-changing ministry to take place at the Champion Sports Camp this week in Pompano, Florida.

for God to provide volunteer counselors, kitchen crew, nurses, and support staff for Angel Tree camps.

for God’s provision for every staff member and their unique gifts to advance Prison Fellowship’s mission.

for God’s protection for Prison Fellowship field staff across the nation.

 for God to equip this year’s Centurions class to influence churches and culture with a biblical worldview.




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